fredag 14 januari 2011

Night of Northern Lights

Strong northern lights played over the moonlit mountains in Northern Norway tonight

Aurora Panorama - Ersfjorden, Kvaløya 13 Jan 2011

Northern Lights over the mountain "Store Blåmann" and Kaldfjorden, 13 Jan 2011

A meteor crossed Orion and went up my sleeve..

Northern Lights Photographer, 13 Jan 2011

måndag 10 januari 2011

The Solar System as seen from the Living Room

The great advantage with astro-photo is that you don`t have to travel far in order to be under the stars, and all the images in this series has been taken from inside the house during the last couple of days.

Moon - Jupiter - Uranus: 8-11 January 2011

The Moon + Jupiter and an Iridium-satellite

Jupiter with the four Gallileian moons and Uranus

The moon right above Jupiter and Uranus, 10 January 2011

Auroras, 8 January 2011

tisdag 4 januari 2011

4 January - A day full of Astronomical Events

Today/tonight several interesting astronomical events can be seen in the sky:

The two large gas giants, Jupiter and Uranus are right now only half a degree away from eachother in the night sky - both can be seen with a pair of normal binoculars. Even if Uranus normally can be a bit tricky to observe, the planet has perhaps never been more easy to find (see the image below). This close to eachother, the planets won`t be again until 20 April 2024 :-)

One of the mid-winters large meteor showers (The Quadrantids) peaks tonight and may produce as many as 100 metoers/hr. An early Quadrantid meteor hitting the Earth`s atmosphere can be seen below. The solar wind also hit the atmosphere and produced nice northern lights:

High northern light activity produced stong auroras in red, green and purple:

Partial Solar Eclipse. In southern Scandinavia, a beautiful solar eclipse may be seen at sunrise on Jan 4. Here in Northern Norway, it is still polar night and the sun doesn`t rise above the horizon, so at northern latutudes the eclipse won`t be visible. This is how the latest solar eclipse looked as seen from Tromsø (remember NEVER to look at the Sun as it will cause permanent damage to your eyes):

It is cold outside - my photo equipment only managed a few hours outside in the bitter cold weather before the entire lens was covered with ice crystals - a good excuse to go in and get a cup of hot espresso: