fredag 3 september 2010

Arctic Waders in Troms

During the autumn large numbers of waders are passing through the area on their way south and can now be seen resting in the tidal zone around Tromsø.

Right now, big flocks of Dunlins (kärrsnäppa/myrsnipe), Curlew Sandpipers (spovsnäppa/tundrasnipe) and Little stints (småsnäppa/dvergsnipe) can be observed.

Curlew Sandpiper/Spovsnäppa/Tundrasnipe (Calidris ferruginea) together with Little Stints/Småsnäppa/Dvergsnipe (Calidris minuta)

Little Stint/Småsnäppa/Dvergsnipe (Calidris minuta)

Three Little Stints/småsnäppor/dvergsniper together at Kvaløya, Troms

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