lördag 6 november 2010

Astro Photography

Being fortunate with clear skies tonight I did some astro-photography.

Early in the evening, the Milky Way (vintergatan/melkeveien) was clearly visible as a band in the south so I started off with some wide-angle pictures in my back-yard.

The Milky Way/Vintergatan/Melkeveien

The Milky Way

Later in the evening, I changed to a 300mm tele-lens to capture the two gas-giants Jupiter and Uranus in the same picture - the two planets are now to be found almost next to each other in the sky.

The planets Jupiter and Uranus
Switching back to my wide-angle lens and landscape photography, I was lucky to capture a rather slow and bright meteor streaking through the Earth`s atmosphere from Håkøya outside Tromsø. Jupiter can be seen to the left in the picture and the incoming clouds resulted in a halo around the planet.
Jupiter (to the left) and a meteor (to the right)

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  1. Hei! Du fortsetter å levere herlige bilder, synes jeg. Melkeveien, meteor, planeter og nordlys, virkelig flott alle sammen. Nordlyset i det nederste bildet er fantastisk!