onsdag 11 maj 2011

Solar Eclipse at Midnight !

In three weeks time (on 1 June) a very special and exclusive event will take place for those of us who live in the far North - A Solar Eclipse in the middle of the night!

This event can, of course, only be seen in areas located above the Arctic Circle where the sun doesn`t set during night. Here in Tromsø, the midnight sun period is "officially" between 20 May - 22 July, so the eclipse of the sun will happen right in the middle of the midnight sun-period.

In more detail, the solar eclipse will begin 22.43 (local time) on 01 June and at 23.33 the sun will reach the point of greatest eclipse. The end of the eclipse will be at 00.24 (local time) on 02 June. Click the headline above for more details on the NASA Eclipse Web Site.

The Sun will be eclipsed by approximately 60% at the point of greatest eclipe, so the event should look something like this (a picture from an earlier partial solar eclipse from Tromsø):

REMEMBER NEVER EVER too look directly at the Sun as it can cause permanent eye damage. Sun glasses IS NOT ENOUGH. In Norway, proper glasses for watching the eclipse can be ordered here: http://www.astrobutikken.no/storefront.php?c1=1

A place with a clear view of the Northern horizon will be the best place to watch the eclipse as the Sun`s altutide will only be 3 degrees.

Mark your calendar with the details and prepare yourself to witness a very rare pheneomenon - what could be better than sitting under the midnight sun on a summer evening and as a bonus get a solar eclipse? Good luck everyone with the weather and let`s hope for a wonderful evening!

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  1. Helt fantstisk header og ellers suverene bilder fra nord. Jeg gleder meg til mer!

  2. Tusen takk - mye mer natur fra nord håper jeg det skal bli i sommer, det er langt igjen til neste nordlys-sesong.., men mye spennande å se å oppleve før det.

    Hilsen, Fredrik