lördag 16 juli 2011

Killer whales - Spekkhoggere

Yesterday, several pods of killer whales / orcas (Orcinus orca) were feeding on fish off the coast of Andøya in Vesterålen in Northern Norway. With rather strong wind and grey clouds hanging thick over the ocean, the experience itself was just like the killer whales - Majestetic and in Black and White.

Hunting for fish

The huge dorsal fin of a large male

The dorsal fin of large males may reach 1,8 m

Female killer whale

Killer whales hunting for fish off the coast of Andøya in Vesterålen, Northern Norway

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great shots, Fredrik! What impressive dorsals!
    I love all these pictures. I've enjoyed a lot watching this serie of images.

    Visiting your blog is always a pleasure.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. @ Espen: Må innrømme at Andøya ER en flott plass, selv om jeg mest sett øya fra sjøen i år :)