tisdag 27 september 2011

Solar Storm !

A severe geomagnetic storm hit the Earth`s atmosphere yesterday and caused strong northern lights that could be seen far south of the latitudes where auroras are normally seen!

Reports of strong aurora-activity started to come in from many places in both southern Europe and North America already on 26 September, but here on Kvaløya outside Tromsø in Norway, the rain-clouds were stubborn and did not allow any observations. Tonight, however, some gaps in the cloud-cover revealed some truely spectacular auroras above. Not in a long while have I seen such colourful auroras with coronas in deep-purple, blood-red and intense-green!

Below are a few still-shots from various time-lapse sequences that I will hopefully be able to post here soon. More pictures and information about the current spaceweather situation can be seen here: http://www.spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=28&month=09&year=2011

A gap in the rain-clouds!


A five-second exposure around midnight local time revealed a stunning sight.
Jupiter and the Pleiades open cluster can be glimpsed in the bottom of the picture


Intense northern lights corona

5 kommentarer:

  1. Vi kjørte fra Mehamn til Skarsvåg og etterpå sovet jeg hele natta og hadde ikke peiling om dette flotte fenomenet :)
    Heldigvis har du tatt så flotte bilder.

  2. @Paul: Thank you for your kind words Paul - I wish you all the best from Norway, Fredrik

    @Avletto: Kiitos Lauri :-) Jeg var heldig som fikk se nordlyset, store deler av natten var det regn, men det var verdt å vente på!

  3. This is AMAZING! Want to see that! Was in Norway in 2008 and all I could get was just http://stgyro.sk/borealis01.jpg http://stgyro.sk/borealis02.jpg http://stgyro.sk/borealis03.jpg
    Need to book some flights and spend few days in Norway again. I heard that 2012 - the Sun should have biggest activity.
    Brutal shots!!!

  4. Intensts! Litt annerledes, men likevel kule bilder :)