måndag 4 juni 2012

Transit of Venus / Venus-passasjen

On June 05 and 06, the planet Venus will pass in front of the disc of the Sun - a so-called Transit of Venus - for the last time this century.

The transit of Venus can be seen very well from Norway (early on June 6) and is an historical event that won`t happen again anywhere on Earth in our life-time, so grab the chance to catch this historical event if you are lucky with the weather! In Northern Norway, which now have midnight sun, the entire event is visible.

For detailed information about local times, practical information and how to observe the transit of Venus, I urge all Norwegian readers to have a close look at the following web-site which provides an excellent overview of the event: Venus passasjen 6 juni 2012.

As I wrote in the end of May, a very good and informative overview of the event has also been published by Jan-Erik Ovalsen and can be ordered here: Venuspassasjen 2012 informasjonshefte

For International readers, I recommend  a look at the following web-pages where you will find detailed information about when, how and where to view the event: http://transitofvenus.nl/wp/ or http://old.transitofvenus.org/index.htm

Below is a picture of the Sun with it`s many Sun-spots taken today - 04 June 2012 - with a Nikon DSLR and a home-made Baader solar safety filter.

The Sun, 04 June 2012. Nikon D3, AF-S Nikkor 300 mm with Baader solar filter.
Note the many and large sun-spots that are covering the solar disk.

REMEMBER NEVER EVER too look directly at the Sun as it can cause permanent eye damage. Sun glasses, smoked glass, CD-plates or similar IS NOT ENOUGH. ONLY filters specially designed for the purpose should be used. In Norway, proper glasses for watching the eclipse can be ordered here: http://www.astroevents.no/briller.html

I wish you all clear skies for this rare astronomical phenomenon which will be witnessed by millions of people around the world!

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