fredag 17 augusti 2012

Bird Picture of the Week / Ukens Fuglebilde

This week I decided it was time for a somewhat humouristic bird picture, showing a Slavonian Grebe / Horndykker (Podiceps auritus) with an unusually small head compared to its body...

Slavonian Grebes breed in freshwater areas with a lot of vegetation and usually lay 1-2 eggs. After hatching, the striped chicks are often carried on the back of the adults.

While the adult bird was sticking its head under the water I snapped this photo of the newborn chick trying to hold on to the back of its mother.

2 kommentarer:

  1. :O) Artig situasjon! Hadde det ikke vært for at du skrev hva det var, måtte jeg nok sett mer enn 2 ganger på bildet.