tisdag 21 maj 2013

Midnight Sun

Yesterday, the midnight sun period started here in Tromsø and now the Sun won't set until 22 July - more than two months.

While it is far too bright now for any auroras to be seen, and will remain so until the end of August when the skies are getting darker again, the solar surface is far from dull and right now, lots of sunspots cover the solar disc - some of them giving rise to strong solar flares that may effect our technology here on Earth.

The photo below is taken with a DSLR and a Solar Filter fitted on the lens. Never aim your camera or any optical equipment towards the Sun without proper solar filters!

From now on, the Northern Lights Photography blog takes summer and will focus on wildlife/bird/landscape photography from Northern Norway

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  1. Skal bli spennende å se hva du serverer av bilder fremover:) En utrolig flott tid dere har gått inn i og jeg skulle gjerne hatt en hel sommer i nord.
    Mvh Kim Abel