söndag 5 december 2010

Astrophotographer of the Year

Today the local astronomy club "Tromsø Astronomi Forening" (TRAF) arranged an "Astronomy Day" at Tromsø University Museum and it was nice to see so many people coming to the event.

During the evening, the results from the local Astronomy Photographer of the Year - competition was announced, and I was happy and honoured to find my image "1 hour in the forest" awarded first place. The exposure time? That`s right, 60 minutes. This inspires me to spend many more nights out there in the cold under the night sky - many thanks to the organisers!

All the awarded pictures can be seen in the local newspaper: http://www.itromso.no/bilder/article411247.ece?imageIndex=1#pageTop or in the next number of the Norwegian Astronomy Magazine "Astronomi"

The winning image "1 hour in the forest"

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