torsdag 23 december 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse

Early in the morning, 21st of December, I went out to Grøtfjord on Kvaløya to try and see the total lunar eclipse.

The weather looked good to start with, but already on the way out to the observing spot before the eclipse, thin clouds drifted in and I took a stop to photograph a dramatic lunar halo with the characteristic mountain "Store Blåmann" in the foreground.

More clouds drifted in and the first half of the eclipse was impossible to observe, but every now and then, the Moon could be glimpsed through the thin clouds and allowed me to get a few pictures of the event. A beautiful coppery-red hue could be seen during mid-eclipse and during the last part of the eclipse when the Moon dissappeared behind the mountains in the west.

The last stage of the eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse, 21 December 2010

Watching the lunar eclipse from Grøtfjord

Lunar halo above the mountain "Store Blåmann"

Early in the morning, the Full Moon gave the landscape an eerie look

3 kommentarer:

  1. Grattis till att du fick nån bild på förmörkelsen, själv var jag tvungen att jobba trots bra väder. /Urban

  2. Dobbel måneformørkelse på Andøya også. Strengt tatt ble det vel trippel formørkelse da jeg gikk å la meg for å sove igjen :O)

    Flotte bilder alle sammen, og aller best likte jeg det siste.

    mvh Espen

  3. Du er bare rå på nattfoto Fredrik!

    Knut Børge