fredag 18 mars 2011

Biggest Moon in 20 years

Tomorrow, Saturday 19 March, the Moon will be full (check "The Current Moon Phase" to the right for details).

What is special about the Moon tomorrow is that tomorrow`s Full Moon will be bigger than usual - it will in fact be the biggest full moon in 20 years time and will be 14% larger than "the average Full Moon"!

The distance between the Earth and the Moon is not constant and sometimes the Moon is closer, sometimes it is further away. What is speciel about tomorrow is that the full moon coincides with the distance beeing at it`s minimum, "a mere" 356 557 km away.

Provided that I have clear weather, I will post a comparison between a "normal" full moon and tomorrow`s full moon after the weekend.

Why don`t try yourself? Take a picture of the full moon tomorrow with a tele-lens and compare it with a picture taken with the same lens at another time.

Almost Full Moon

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