måndag 28 mars 2011

Green Spring

This season of northern lights is soon about to come to its end, but there is still almost a month left with dark enough skies to be able to see the auroras before the midnight sun starts to take over the night sky. Close to the mountain Store Blåmann on Kvaløya outside Tromsø a beautiful green band stretched from east to west together with the Milky Way

Watching the northern lights and the Milky Way

Corona over the constellations Boötes and Coma Berenices in the early morning hours

The Beehive cluster (M44) in the constellation Cancer over the snowclad mountains

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ja, jeg fikk ikke sove så jeg drog ut en tur. Det var ikke så sterkt nordlys på kvelden (første bildet), men det ble ganske mye på morgenen ved kl 2-3..