tisdag 22 maj 2012

Bird picture of the week / Ukens fuglebilde

Now when the summer has returned to Northern Norway (even though it has been snowing for most of the last week..), a large number of different birds have arrived to their breeding grounds here in the north, and many are still on their way.

During the summer I will therefore start posting a picture each week of the bird-life of the area, with focus on characteristic species of the season.

First out in the series is the Red Knot / Polarsnipe / Kustsnäppa, (Calidris canutus). These beautiful medium-sized waders started to arrive in Northern Norway last week, and can now be seen in huge flocks along our coasts.

Each year, they stop in Northern Norway before continuing their migration to the breeding grounds in the high Arctic.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nice. Looking forward to a new image next week:)

  2. nydelige fugler som vi på jæren også ser endel av, men da gjerne i småflokker, flott stemningsbilde når de hviler på steinen

  3. I dreamt of waders in their full summer colors ... will be in Tromsø finally May 2013; hoping the birdies will also be there then!