måndag 14 maj 2012

Otter / Oter

After having tried several times to get close to an otter (Lutra lutra) with my camera, I have discovered that they are true experts at disappearing, even though you have your eyes on them and know where they are.

Most of my photos of otters have, therefore, been taken either at long distances, or have turned out to be unsharp and blurry in the brief meetings along the slippery tidal zones where they are most frequently encountered here in Northern Norway.

Last week I discovered an otter feeding on a fish far out on a rocky outcrop, and after waiting until it had finished the lunch and went out to sea again, I decided to hide in a place where I thought it likely that the otter would either pass by close or get up to land. Not daring to look up too often, I took the risk of loosing eye-contact with the otter, and so, it suddenly came up very close.

Even though I managed to hide in the right place this time, it is clear, after looking at the photos afterwards, that I have to try to do the same thing again with better light and a nicer background, but it was a nice encounter with a wonderful animal.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Flotte bilder av oteren. Skjønner at du kunne tenkt deg bedre bakgrunn men synes det ble bra uansett.

  2. :o) Grattis med flotte oterbilder! Nå ble jeg misunnelig på deg!