fredag 1 februari 2013

Aurora Photo Exhibition - Winterlude, Canada

Today, the Sun is shining on newly fallen snow on the mountains around Tromsø in Northern Norway - a wonderful, and longed-for sight after the long period of polar darkness. A perfect time to celebrate the beauty of the winter!
 Part of the Exhibition: Northern Lights; Nature’s Own Magical Lantern"
Presented by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Ottawa, Canada

In Canada, they have understood this perhaps better than in any other place. Today, 01 February, the three-week long festival - "Winterlude" - that celebrates the winter starts and on the programme is musical concerts, skating displays, ice-sculpture competitions and much more.

In Confederation Park in Ottawa (also known as Crystal Garden, being the site for the ice sculpture competition), my photo-exhibition “Northern Lights; Nature’s Own Magical Lantern” will be on display daily during the festival. The exhibition is presented by the Royal Norwegian Embassy together with the National Capital Commission (NCC) in Canada.
I wish the amazing organisers of Winterlude in Ottawa, Canada all the best luck with the weather and the festival - few things are more beautiful than ice, winter and a dark clear sky with northern lights!
The Sun has returned again! Here shining on the face of Tromsdalstiden
(a summit rising 1238m above sea level) in central Tromsø

3 kommentarer:

  1. The image of Tromsdalstiden reflecting the sunlight is no less than astonishing!

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words.

      The low Sun shining on the frozen mountains at this time of the year can be exceptionally beautiful and is one of my favourite seasons!

      All the best, Fredrik

  2. beautiful light when the sun returns