tisdag 19 mars 2013

Comet Panstarrs - Finally a gap in the clouds !

After a difficult and long waiting-period, with amazing photos from all over the world buzzing in the media, I finally got to see comet C/2011 L4 Panstarrs this evening!
The sky over Tromsø here in Northern Norway has been covered in clouds and snow ever since the comet became theoretically visible here in the northern hemisphere, but tonight, a small, but sufficient gap in the cloud-cover revealed the beautiful comet for a while before the clouds rolled in again.
Not much time for composing the image when the clouds finally revealed it, a bit higher up then I had expected, but a few quick snap-shots with a 300mm lens captured the comet nicely. I was surprised it was so bright that it was even possible to see it with the naked eye!


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