måndag 25 mars 2013

Comet Timelapse

Early in the evening on March 20, when the bright comet Pan-STARRS came out from the twilight, I decided to make a timelapse, using a 200mm and a 300mm telephoto lens, as the comet was setting behind the mountains.

Up here in Tromsø, the weather continues to block out the night-sky, and it was only on March 20-21 that the sky cleared up, but when it did - it revealed an amazing show.
The comet is now climbing higher and higher up in the sky for each night and, if the weather co-operates, it is now circumpolar and possible to see all the time, provided it is dark enough.
As the comet is leaving the inner solar system, it also fades in brightness, so now is the time to grap the chance of seeing this icy visitor before it's too late - next time it returns to the inner solar system is not until approximately 110 000 years.

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